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Recent Publications

“Beth Israel” in Barnstorm Journal (October 2017).

“Incantation,” “Shelter In Place,” and “Grasp” in The Boiler Journal 22 (Winter 2017).

“Whiskey, X-Ray, Yankee” in Southern Humanities Review (2016).

“With A Diamond Knife” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal 2.3 (October 2015).

“What Another Mother” in Thrush Poetry Journal (September 2015).

“Firstborn” featured on Verse Daily (26 March 2015).

“Bee Mountain” in Passages North 36 (2015).

“Before” in Whiskey Island 65 (2015).

“Morning Song” in Salamander 39 (Winter 2014/15).

“Wild Child” in Yemassee 20.1 (Fall 2014).

“Gardiner House,” “The Second Secret” and “Retreat” in Better: Culture & Lit 5 (Summer 2014).
Finalist for the Better Prize, judged by Srikanth Reddy!

“Firstborn” in Barn Owl Review 7 (Winter/Spring 2014).

“The Club,” “Crown Of Thorns” and “Muck, Fallen Trees, Fire” in Revolution House 3.3 (December 2013).

“Who Knew Their Feathers Shine Like Mink” and “Who Snaps Their Necks, Makes Soup” in Pebble Lake Review (Spring/Summer 2013).

“I Go Like This” in Nashville Review (Spring 2013).

“Leaving Egypt, 1945” in Zone 3 (Fall 2013).

“What The Days Became,” “Found Objects” and  “Who Left You Beside The Road?” in District (2012).

“View from the Leeward Deck” in The Greensboro Review (Spring 2011).

“Wee Three” in The Orange Room Review (2010).

“Eight Navy Seals” in Harpur Palate 5.2 (Winter 2006).

“The Theater of Suffering” and “The Boy From Egypt” in The Ontario Review 63 (Winter 2005/2006).

“Sea Monkey” in The Chaffin Journal (November 2005).